Sunday, August 7, 2011

SwUrl Frozen Yogurt, Montreal


Frozen Yogurt

If you are ever in Montreal, and are in need a fro yo fix, Swurl is a great place to check out. This is an independently owned fro yo shop with a lot of creativity!

The concept is self serve. You grab a bowl, fill it up with your frozen yogurt flavors of choice, load on your favorite toppings, weigh it, and pay! You pay for what you want. That simple.

swUrl, Montreal

There are always 8 flavors being served. Four traditional and four flavors of the week. The traditional flavors are plain, vanilla, chocolate, and pomegranate. On the week we were there, the flavors of the week were blueberry, passion fruit, green tea, and taro.

They have served up some pretty crazy flavors in the past such as sriracha hot sauce, bacon, and lime chocolate mint, creamsicle, red velvet, lucky charms, and how very Canadian...maple syrup!

And the toppings? They have the traditional stuff such as candy, chocolate, fresh fruit, and sundae sauces, but they also have some crazy stuff like wasabi and Ruffles chips.

I was pretty tame the day I went. Didn't want to get something crazy for the sake of getting something crazy, so I had the plain and pomegranate frozen yogurt with candy sprinkles and Swedish berries. It was just perfect...tart frozen yogurt with a bit of sweetness on top.

Check this place out. It's a lot of fun!

swUrl, Montreal

SwUrl Frozen Yogurt
1464 rue Crescent
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Telephone: 514-439-8096

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La Table De Nana said...

I remember Crescent St being fun on it's own..This is surely a great little unique.. So you were visiting Mtl too? You get around..I love your sense of adventure..Like the song says:"I hope you always Dance"..~

The Asian Pear said...

There's one like that in downtown Toronto called Yogurt Spoon. And another in Markham inside Pacific Mall.

Between the two though, Yogurt Spoon is DIVINE. They have a pink grapefruit flavour as well as green tea!

They also have a mochi and popping balls (juice inside lil delicate balls that explode in your mouth.)


Kelsey said...

im trying to imagine what wasabi would taste like on frozen yogurt haha.. i do however have no difficulty imagining how delicious ruffle chips would be like.. im positive it would be incredible! this place rocks!!

xoxo <3