Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bear Fruit Nibbles


Mango Pineapple Bear Fruit Nibbles

While waiting for a train in Maidenhead UK recently, I came across a great healthy snack with super cute packaging. I had no idea what I was buying when I first grabbed these fruit nibbles. I wanted a snack. I loved the packaging. So I bought them. For those who don't think marketing works, I have to disagree because it does!

Bear Fruit Nibbles are a tasty all natural, no nonsense snack option that is free of added sugar and preservatives. They are simply hand picked fruit that are slow baked. That's it!

What I was surprised about was how good they were. I can't speak for the other flavors, but the pineapple and mango one was really good! The addition of the pineapple really added some punch to the snack.

Bear Fruit Nibbles

How can you resist when you read things like "we snarrrl at sulphites and grrrowl at gumming agents". Do as the packaging says and go get yourself a bear hug at

Bear Fruit Nibbles

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La Table De Nana said...

You LOVE this kind of thing:) I know you..:)

Cute cute..