Corner Room, London

Corner Room, London

Tucked away in London boutique hotel, Town Hall hotelCorner Room is a great place to go if you're in the mood for a casual, but upscale meal. Corner room is the low key version of Nuno Mende's Michelin-starred restaurant, Viajante.

To keep things moving, there is a no-reservations policy here, and your stay is limited to 90 minutes when it is busy. The menu changes weekly.

My appetizer was the beetroot with butternut squash & stracciatella. I loved the presentation of this dish. The salad was a mix of pickled and fresh beetroot, which provided a nice contrast.

Beet and Butternut Squash Salad
Beetroot with Butternut Squash & Stracciatella

C had the venison in ash with salsify & date. Again, another beautiful presentation. The venison was delicious.

Venison in Ash
Venison in Ash with Salsify & Date

CK had the octopus with smoked potato & hazelnut milk. The octopus had a nice crunch to it, and the overall dish had a nice salty and smokiness flavor.

Octopus with Smoked Potato
Octopus with Smoked Potato & Hazelnut Milk

I originally ordered the duck but they had run out, so my second choice (with much encouragement from C) was the Iberico pork & Portuguese bread pudding. I wasn't brave enough to get my pork rare, and had it cooked medium instead. The bread pudding, paired suprisingly well with the pork. My plate was spotless by the time I was done.

Iberico Pork
Iberico Pork & Porguguese Bread Pudding

CK + H ordered the short ribs with mushroom caramel & pak choi. The short ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Beef short Ribs
Short Ribs with Mushroom Caramel & Pak Choi

C had the onglet steak with celeriac & pine.

Onglet steak
Onglet Steak with Celeriac & Pine

After our meal, the four of us split two desserts. The first was the blueberries with goats cheese caramel, brioche & shiso. The shiso and goats cheese were two very strong tastes that somewhat clashed with each other. I didn't love this dessert.

Blueberries, Goat Cheese and Shiso
Blueberries with Goats Cheese Caramel, Brioche & Shiso

The other dessert was the rhubarb with white chocolate & buttermilk sorbet. A nice blend of tastes but nothing that really stood out.

Rhubarb and White Chocolate
Rhubarb with White Chocolate & Buttermilk Sorbet

By the time our coffee was ready, our 90 minutes were up, so they gave us our coffees at no charge and politely shooed us out.

Corner Room
Town Hall Hotel & Apartments
Patriot Square
London, UK
Telephone: 0207 871 0461

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Its amazing how different the same dishes on different occs. Nice post! Looking forward to perusing your blog.
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