Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smitten Ice Cream, San Francisco


Smitten Ice Cream, San Francisco

Another great ice cream place in San Francisco is Smitten Ice Cream. What's different about this place is that they make your ice cream to order. On the spot. In 60 seconds. How? With the Kelvin Ice Cream Maker!

Owner Robyn Sue Goldman spent 2 years developing her patented ice cream maker named Kelvin. In an effort to make the smoothest ice cream possible, Robyn uses liquid nitrogen to make her ice cream. Liquid nitrogen produces smaller ice crystals which in turns produces smoother ice cream. In 2009, she tested Kelvin out by taking it out on the streets of San Francisco on a Radio Flyer Wagon, and the rest is history.

Kelvin Ice Cream Maker

It was clear that Kelvin was a success! So Robyn birthed a few more Kelvin's and opened up a little shop in Hayes Valley. Smitten Ice Cream offers 4 ice cream flavors daily, with add-ons for an extra charge.

Smitten Ice Cream, San Francisco

I had the salted caramel ice cream with almond brittle, and my friend J had the vanilla with pistachio brittle and Meyer lemon caramel. The ice cream was definitely a lot smoother than other ice creams I've tried, which almost gave the impression that it is lighter than regular ice cream. While it tasted like ice cream, the consistency was more like frozen yogurt.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

432 Octavia Street
San Francisco, California, USA
Telephone: 415-863-1518