Petit Bill's Bistro, Ottawa

Petit Bill's Bistro, Ottawa

My friend J and I met up at Petit Bill's Bistro and enjoyed a lobster lunch together. Petit Bill's has been on my list for a long time and I finally got to try it.

Petit Bill's is French food, the Newfie way. Throw away the pretentiousness, add a whole lot of casual, serve fries with gravy and dressing and voila, you've got Petit Bill's Bistro.

In Ottawa, they are well known for their lobster poutine, so I couldn't come here without trying it. It was a large bowl of shoe string fries, covered with lobster chunks and a rich shelffish butter & mascarpone cheese sauce. I find the cheese sauce overpowers everything, causing the lobster taste to be lost because of it. I'm glad I tried it but I much prefer a regular poutine over this. In a regular poutine, you've got 2 very distinct tastes (cheese and gravy) complementing one another, whereas in the lobster poutine, everything just blends together with no distinct tastes.

Lobster Poutine
Lobster Poutine

J is a huge lobster fan so she ordered the lobster roll, a housemade creamy lobster salad served with lettuce and tomato on a croissant. On the side were cole slaw and frites. For an extra $4, you can substitute the regular fries for Newfie fries, which is regular fries served with homemade dressing and gravy. J opted out of that. The lobster roll was creamy and fresh.

Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll

And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Petit Bill's Bistro
1293 Wellington Street W.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-729-2500

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also..

Cute place:) I think Chuck Hughes invented the lobster poutine..I still can't get my head around a poutine period:)Like fries..pretty much plain...

I had the same impression of the Lobster Poutine... overpowering sauce that made the lobster unnoticeable. Happy Thanksgiving to you! :-)