Brother Juniper's Restaurant Serves Up One of the Best Breakfasts in Memphis

Brother Juniper's Restaurant

One of the best places for breakfast in Memphis is Brother Juniper's Restaurant. You are guaranteed to be satisfied here. Here are 5 easy reasons why:

1. It's got a great casual vibe.
2. The food comes in large portions.
3. The ingredients are always fresh.
4. The service is extremely friendly.
5. The restaurant entrance houses original paintings by local artist George Hunt, an extremely talented mixed media artist who has managed to stay somewhat under the radar despite the popularity of his art (one of his paintings was displayed in the White House and private collectors of his art include Eddie Murphy and Anthony Quinn).

One thing you have to be careful in Memphis is that their soy milk is always a sweetened vanilla soy milk...even at Starbucks. Opt for regular milk if you prefer an unsweetened soy milk. Love the retro mug!


Whether or not you are a Rachel Ray fan, the breakfast labelled her favorite is really good! The San Diegan open face omelete sits on a bed of sour cream topped with portobellos, tomatoes, bacon, green onions, feta and cheddar cheese. You have a choice of cheese grits, homefries, toast or biscuit as your sides. Sprinkle some of their secret blend hot sauce on this omelet and you'll be laughin.

San Diegan Open Face Omelete
San Diegan Open Face Omelet

If you want something satisfyingly filling, try their potato dishes. They are huge bowls of home fries tossed with lots of cheese and various toppings.  A favorite is P2 served with gyro meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella, & feta cheese. For sides, you have a choice between biscuit or toast.

Gyro Potato Dish
Potato Dish with Gyro Meat
3519 Walker Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Telephone: 901-324-0144

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The last one reminds me of a poutine with meat a bit...