Freshly Chopped Supper Club: Dinner + DJ at Grounded Kitchen, Ottawa

Chef Justin Scott at Grounded Kitchen

The Freshly Chopped Supper Club, hosted by Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse, had their kick off event last night.

The concept of Freshly Chopped Supper Club is a pretty cool one. On the last Friday of every month, a Chef and DJ are paired together to host a dinner + music evening ,with an over arching theme that brings the two together.

The first theme was Local Tea Fusion. Chef Justin Scott served a tea-infused 3-course meal and Jas Nasty, an urban gardening and local food enthusiast brought great music to complement the theme. Thanks to her, we're now digging Santigold's Shove it.

This was November's menu:

1st Course: Roasted butternut squash soup made with coconut chai tea, coconut milk & cilantro served with focaccia bread made with white needles tea.

2nd Course: Rotolo di Pollo alla Arcobaleno (stuffed chicken with ricotta, baby spinach & sun dried Tomatoes) orange blossom oolong tea, Jus/Duchesse Potato/Rapini-Cauliflower

3rd Course: Pear Tart with Jasmine Green Tea Glaze and Vanilla Bean Raspberry Mousse

The chef did a good job with the theme. The tea was brough out in every dish without it being too overpowering. The chicken dish was good. Each piece of chicken had a nice mix of white and dark meat.

Tickets are $40 each, and a little extra if you want a guranteed seat with either the Chef or with the DJ.
Although not locked in, the owner of Grounded Kitchen talked about some upcoming themes they are thinking about including one with a Southern twist, and one with a Hawaiian theme.

Looking forward to the upcoming supper clubs. They did a really good job with the first one. Ottawa was in need of something new and creative.

Rotolo di Pollo all Arcobaleno
Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse, Ottawa

Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse
100 Gloucester Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-567-1234

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Thanks for the props guys! Glad you were into the Santigold, she rocks. :)
Here is a mix if you liked what was played that night-