Fab Pho at Pho Van Van, Ottawa

Pho Noodles
Pho Dac Biet

One thing Pho Van Van does right is the consistency of their rice noodles. Its got just the right chewiness and believe it or not, some restaurants do a really bad job of it. Some places make their noodles too hard and some too soft. While there isn't alot of variety when it comes to what different Vietnamese restaurants offer, Pho Van Van differentiates by offering a quail egg in their pho selections. For those that love the Vietnamese pork meatloaf omelet (cha trung) with their rice like the 3 color rice dish, this place only offers a simple pan friend egg.

The decor of this restaurant kind of has a jungle-like feel with its wooden wall panels, bamboo blinds and green plants. Its slightly fancier than the casual run down Vietnamese restaurants around the city, which lends itself to a better dining experience. It is located in the trendy Hintonburg area, close to government buildings, Westboro shops, and The Great Canadian Theatre Company, which attracts a steady crowd of people throughout the day. They are not open Sundays.

Pho Tai

Deep Fried Squid
Deep Fried Squid

Tendon and Tripe
Tendon and Tripe

Pho Van Van
93 Holland Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 613-722-1663

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That looks delicious. I am so craving pho right now... O_O;;