Fou Lard Scarf, Bacon Worth Wearing

If we didn't tell you this was a bacon scarf, you probably wouldn't have even noticed. Delicately designed, this Fou Lard bacon scarf created by Swiss designer Natalie Luder, is a true masterpiece.

Foulard is the french word for a silk scarf, and if you break up the word, you also get fou = crazy and lard = bacon, which is how this scarf got its clever name. This limited edition scarf is 100% silk that is digitally printed with a black row hem.

Luder studied Jewellery Design at the Geneva School of Applied Arts and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Although her training is in jewellery, she has not limited her work to just that. Most of her work is inspired by food, but with an appearance versus reality twist.


Oh wow, you find the coolest things. thanks for sharing!