Thai Airways Airline Food - Sydney to Bangkok

Noodles with Prawns and Black Bean Sauce

Because airline meals are so hard to come by these days, it is more the reason to post airline meals...JUUUUST in case they ever go obsolete. What's neat is how airline food differs so much between country to country, and airline to airline, depending on where you are going and who is operating the flight.

Here are the meals served on a Thai Airways Sydney to Bangkok flight in Economy class. Here, you can see a blend of Asian elements with Australian ones.

Chicken in Red Curry

Starter: Potato salad with mayonnaise, lettuce, shaved turkey and cherry tomato
Main: Chicken in red curry with bamboo shoot, steamed Thai Hom Mali rice, and stir fried vegetables
Dessert: Orange almond cake
Sides: bread roll, Arnott's crackers, Cracker Barrel cheese, butter, tea, coffee

The curry didn't look like much in the photo, but it was really flavorful! The Arnott's crackers were a nice touch.

Noodles in Black Bean Sauce

Starter: Fresh fruit salad
Main: Stir fried prawn with black bean sauce, rice noodles, choy sum
Dessert: Wattle seed cookies

The noodles were not soggy and the prawns were huge. This dish was really good and the sliced chile peppers on top gave the dish an extra kick.