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Monty's Chicken Fajita

Wow, I cant believe how quickly time - and life - passes sometimes. I always have intentions of updating my blog, and then BAM, a few months go by.

I always go back and forth on whether or not I should continue blogging given the frequency I now post. However, what brings me back everytime is that I still get excited to take photos of my food, whether I write about it or not, when I'm out. I still stop and pause, after cooking a really delicious meal, to admire the concoction I have cooked up where I then kindly ask everyone involved to refrain from eating until I have taken a photo. And moments like that tell me that I shouldn't stop sharing what I love and enjoy.

The truth is, a very close family member has fallen ill and has been very sick for a number of years now. In between trying to keep my life as normal as possible, I have been a full-time caretaker, which has been extremely consuming. It's not that I have been trying to conceal the truth from my readers, but I just kept thinking that it would all end soon. The reality is is that it hasn't, and that this is just the new normal.

In saying that, I've learned that life just keeps moving and you either grow and blossom from the challenges that life brings, or you become stagnant. I choose the former for myself and continuing to write is a way for me to do that.

One of the best ways to take a step back and get a good perspective on what is really happening is to get away and change your environment. Being removed from the typical day to day, and allowing yourself to be inspired by the new and different helps me appreciate the good things that are happening in my life.

I got to do this a few months ago by visiting my sister-in-law in London. I discovered some really cool places and will share some of my new favorite places to eat and drink with you soon. In the meantime, here is what I ate on my Air Canada flight back from London. I love sharing airline meals because it is such a rarity these days. It's like snapping a photo of an animal in the wild for me :)

In economy class, the London to Ottawa flight serves one main meal at the beginning of the flight, and one snack towards the end of the flight.

For my main meal, I had pasta bolognese with a dinner roll and 3-bean salad fennel salad with a vinaigrette dressing. For dessert, I had a currant and dark chocolate cookie. Air Canada has been really creative with their salads recently, which is nice to see.

Pasta Bolognese

The snack served was a Monty's Bakehouse hot posh wrap. The choices were chicken or vegetarian. I chose the chicken fajita wrap. I have tried a few other Monty's Bakehouse wrap flavors (tomato and olive frittata, smoked cheese) on other flights and all have been pretty good.

Monty's Chicken Fajita


So good to see your post..have thought of you..
Glad you got I will ho back and read the food review..
Take care..always wishing you well.

Have you come across Its an old site that is still active. People upload their airline meals and rate them. What's fascinating the hundreds of airlines that are featured on the site from economy to first class.

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