Mini Japanese Crab Snacks

I returned to Pacific Mall again last weekend in search for some Chinese dragon beard candy. Unfortunately the guy that normally makes it was not selling any that weekend (he wasn't there). I didn't want to leave empty handed because we had drove 25 minutes out of our way to get there, and ended up circling around the BUSY mall for an hour looking for parking.

In absence of dragon beard candy, I headed to Ding Dong for some Asian snacks. I grabbed the usual: grape candy for my sis, some dried preserved lemon peels that always grosses CK out, and then, I came across some mini crab snacks...

What the!? They were real, whole, little edible crabs!

The sales person explained to me that they were mini soft shell crabs from Japan that were coated with a sweet sauce.

I bought a little bag for myself for $6.99/100g, and brought them home to try. The moment we got into the car, CK was complaining about how he could smell the fishiness from the crab snacks. I just ignored him.

Let me tell you, they are not the tastiest little buggers. They don't taste awful, but there's nothing special about them. They are crunchy like chips, but as soon as you start chewing on the crab shells, they become gritty in texture. The gritty bits end up sticking to your teeth because of the sugar coating. The little balls that cover the crabs seemed to be tiny little crunchy rice balls.

To get an idea of how mini they were, I took a photo of three different sized crabs beside a Canadian Toonie ($2 coin), an American quarter, and a Canadian dime.

There must have been something added to them to make them addictive because although the crabs didn't taste all that great, I found myself reaching in the bag for another, and another...


The crab snacks sound interesting. I've never seen them before. I might try them next time I'm there. Just to say I've tried. :)

BTW, have you gone upstairs of Pacific Mall yet? They have a food court there. They have someone making those lil chinese cakes and whatnot. As well as fresh egg biscuit rolls, cakes filled with red bean, custard, etc. And lots of other goodies. The food court is also quite good too for lunch.

On a side note... Try to hit Pacific Mall EARLY during the weekends. It's the only way. Only some stores will be open that early but you'll get parking more easily. Once it pasts 1pm, it's horrible. I try to avoid it during the afternoon completely.

Hi C,
I've only ever had a quick lunch upstairs in the food court. Didn't realize they had fresh egg biscuit rolls, and red been cakes. I arrived at Pacific Mall at 2:00pm and it was a disaster...thanks for the tip, and I'll definitely go early next time.

Wow...great photos. For some reason, they actually good.

didn't realize they were so small

Ha I love when I come across local people on blogs by accident.
I'm a blogger out of London, ON
and I just read your "Auberge du Petit Prince" review.
My best friend owns the restaurant and I am going to show her that post because she needs to realize how good her restaurant is.
As for the Pacific mall I have yet to travel there but my mom swears by it whenever she in the T.
Mini Crabs?!?! Who would of ever thought!

I'm pretty sure the secret addictive ingredient is MSG... I've had those crab snacks and I will attest to gritty (it's like eating the beach) salty fishy and a hint of caramel... totally weird but pretty addictive-

my general experience with a lot of the little dried packaged snack fishies is a bit of sugar is added for a weird salty sweet experience...

These look like they would be really spicy! And I can't believe how small they are. I wonder what the nets they use to catch them look like (and what other stuff they find in there too).

I have had these, bought some for a for a friend who likes to eat unusual things. It took 3 days to get the taste out of my mouth

o my goodness, i used to be obsessed over these as a child. they were pretty expensive then and mum never liked me eating them. said they were bad for my teeth. how i loved these though!

Doesn't Jeremy eat these on Top Gear when they're racing in Japan?

What were these crab snacks called, Ive been looking everywhere for them and cant find em anywhere. I had them once in florida when we went to disney and havent seen them since.

You wouldn't ever think of grabbing some stuff and shipping it to me would you? I can pay with paypal...

It's worth a shot because they aren't anywhere around here (York, PA)



Thanks for posting this! I've been very curious when I got this snack from my friend who went to China. First I thought it's a chinese snack, but after read your post I know it's japanese then xD and yuppp I really agree that this snack gives us addiction...

I could eat some of those right now.

You can buy them on